Excel Automation between sheets ( multiple matches in same sheet)

I’m facing a problem related to excel automation. I’ve developed the code but now struggling at final stage. The query is as follows :slight_smile:
“I have two excel sheets E1 with S1 sheet GSTIN_B, INVOICE_B, CGST_B &IGST_B columns and EA with SA sheet GSTIN_P, INVOICE_P, CGST_P &IGST_P columns. The statement here is If GSTIN_B = GSTIN_P and CGST_B=CGST_P and IGST_B=IGST_P then it should write in a new column as “Matched” in both the columns .If incase the same GSTIN_B, CGST_B, IGST_B columns contains the same value(GSTIN number, CGST and IGST )multiple times in a sheet then it should go consider INVOICE_B and start matching with INVOICE_P. If match found the write “MATCHED with INVOICE” else unmatched”. If u can’t understand then give me your number i’ll reach you there

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1

Could you be more elaborate your query, it was quite confusing to understand…
Share some input and output files if possible.

BOOKS (01 to 09).xlsx (467.2 KB)
PORTAL(04 to 09) .xlsx (1.8 MB)

The same entry/value of GSTIN_B and CGST_B/IGST_B might repeat once or more within the same sheet.

Here If u can see the highlighted GSTIN value is present multiple times in a sheet. For ex : if we can see the below pics the green highlighted number has come once in books sheet but the same value is entered twice in portal one .In such cases we need to check with invoice columns .If match found then say as "match with invoice "else "no match with invoice " in a new column.

If you’d give me your number i’ll explain it in a better way