Excel auto fil

I have a report and got some data(scan time)

I need to enter the scan time on that current date row.

Date Scanning Time

today did my scan and entered my scan time in todays date
then then next day- need to enter that date scan time

I tried but its overwriting on same row itself

Hi @YUGAN_NITHISH_KUMAR, please check the attached workflow. Please replace the excel I used with yours.
Main.xaml (11.0 KB)


The project ‘C:\Users\yugan\Downloads\project.json’ could not be opened: Project is incompatible with StudioX profile. You can open it in Studio and fix the errors.
Missing namespaces: clr-namespace:UiPath.Activities.System.Binding;assembly=UiPath.System.Activities

Can you please send in studiX

When i try to open in studio also its error

Document is invalid

Open Document Error: UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException
—> UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException: The item ‘C:\Users\yugan\Downloads\Main.xaml’ could not be opened: Document is invalid.
—> RemoteException wrapping System.IO.InvalidDataException: Document is invalid

NewBlankTask1.zip (57.4 KB)

if i use same in studioX it will work or need to change any ?

I have built that in StudioX and shared the same. All you need to change is the excel file path/ name.

I tried but negative

can i share my whole project file and with xlsx file?

Sure. Please share it and exclude and confidential data

it have whole my project
should i share?

it is possible to share to ur mail or inbox?

may I know what is not working here?

working bro?

thank you

can you help me on email sending with attachment

i completed that date part

I see that you’re using a variable “Threats detected” which is empty so you’re not seeing anything in the excel. Instead of that, use ‘Date.Now’ and it works.

yes got it

i used email and its sending mail
but everytime i need to click allow manually how to do that ?

What is that you’re manually clicking on ‘Allow’. Can you share any screenshot?

Thanks for your time bro @Vamsi_Krishna_Gogineni
cleared my error