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If there 100 worker i need to separate salary of worker more than 5000 in different sheet how to do that.


  • use a read range activity and save into a datatable variable
  • use a filter datatable activity and filter by the column salary >= 5000
  • use write range activity to write in the new sheet.



Follow below steps.

  1. Use Read Range activity to read the data from Excel file and it will give output as DataTable. Let’s say dtInput.

  2. And then use below query to filter the data.

       dtOutput = dtInput.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(row) CInt(row("Salary").ToString) > 5000).CopyToDataTable
  3. And then use Write Range activity and pass dtOutput as DataTable and pass different sheet name to write into Excel file.

@Ak_4 Please find the below sample workflow

Example.zip (9.1 KB)

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