Excel as Database giving a Data Table with null values

Hi All,

I am trying to read Excel data using Excel as Database. I could able to get DataTable.

But i am getting null values in Datatable for report downloaded from SAP. I couldn’t able to understand what wen’t wrong.


Guys if any of you have found solution for this problem. Please let me know with your comments.


Hi @praveen_satya - Using Read Range? What would be your input format?


Hi Anand,

I am getting an error when using Read Range with that Report. Please find below discussion Link.

So, I am using Excel file to make a OLEDB connection and Executing a select query to get the Data. But it is returning me null values in DataTable. PFB snip.

Did you get solution?

Hi Rohit,

I have noticed that the file is getting corrupted. So i have copied the data from sheet 1 to another new excel file using invoke code activity with VB script.

Then with the data in the new file i could able to read it and that has solved my issue.