Excel Arrangement

Hi everyone…
I have given the input and output which I should get. Can anyone guide me to achieve this

Hi @soumi_soumiya,
Read the input as a string and split it(store as a string array).
Write using for loop every time increase row and column count by one.

Thanks for your reply…
How could i increment in diagonal manner and i need to write each word in separate sheet

Try this
ExcelDyanamicWriting.xaml (9.9 KB)


Thanks for your flow…
Could you explain the above line please

“A” – this is character A
Convert.ToUInt16("A"C) – converting char into ASCII value(integer value)
CellName – is the integer starting with 0
(Convert.ToUInt16("A"C)+CellName)-- adding integer value to ASCII value as integer
CellIndex – is the integer starting with 1
Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt16("A"C)+CellName)–add integer value to ASCII value then converts ASCII value(integer value) into character like “A” to “B”, “B” to “C”,…so on.
Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt16("A"C)+CellName)+CellIndex.ToString–Just concatenating integer to character example A+1=A1, B+2=B2.

I think it is clear for you now.

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