Excel application with formulas and vlookups

I am trying to automate excel application with formulas and vlookups built.
Only few sheets i need to download from SAP. After that, all values for other sheets are auto updated because of formulas and vlookups.
Is there any method/ function to auto retrieve all the formulas and vlookups from uipath? also, I need to extract all the formulas and vlookups to create a new excel.

Tejaswini H R


Yes , you can retrieve formula using Read Cell Formula Activity.

Suresh J

Thanks suresh,
Is there any activities to read entire range of formulas?
I searched for read-range-formula couldn’t find it.

Tejaswini H R

Hi @tejuhr

Mention the cell as empty “” in read cell formula activity

Ashwin S


There is no activity to read all cell formula at a time.
It won’t work by passing empty cell value because read cell output is a string and empty cell cant be passed.
You can try by calling Execute VBA Or Invoke code Activities or Iterate the read formula and write cell to achieve it.

Suresh J