Excel application scope終了後のファイルを開いたままにしたい

Excel application scopeアクティビティが終了するとExcelファイルも自動で閉じられるのですが、閉じずに開いたままにする方法を教えていただけますでしょうか?
※Excel application scopeアクティビティ起動前は、Excelファイルは開いていません。

Hi Sakura,

If the Excel file is opened before executing the Excel Application Scope, the file will remain open. If it’s not, then Excel Application Scope will open it, execute the activities within the scope, and then close it.

What you can do to achieve the desired behavior is to open the Excel file before the Excel Application Scope, using the Start process activity with the excel file path as argument.

Here you have an example:



Hi Silviu

Thank you!
Problem solved.


I need to automate one excel scenario.I need to check the given input first name is present in “First Name” column or not.If present, I need to check the given input last name is present in “Last Name” column and also check row number of first name and last name is match or not.Untitled23

Thanks in advance.


You can use the new activity “Lookup Data Table” introduced in the core package with the 2018.2 release. This will retrieve the value in a column for the row where you have the lookup value.
For example, you can configure it as:

  • [Input] LookupValue = Given first name
  • [Lookup Column] ColumnName = “First Name”
  • [Target Column] ColumnName = “Last Name”
  • [Output] CellValue = store it to a variable
    And then check the value retrieved as CellValue if matches the given last name.

If you have an older version if UiPath Studio and you can’t /don’t want to upgrade, I would go with the Select method, like dtVariable.Select("[First Name] = ‘your given first name’ AND [Last Name] = ‘given last name’").


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Just updated 2018.2 release.Try to do it.But getting some issues. Can you provide the simple workflow for it.


Thank you so much @Silviu :slight_smile:

Here you have a simple example: Lookup.xaml (8.3 KB)

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Hi @Silviu ,
Thank you. Its working fine now. But the issue is what if “First name” is repeated and I want the “Last name” for the second name of " First name" .(I need to check particular user exists or not )