Excel Application Scope working?

Can anyone tell me, why do we use Excel Application Scope activity ?

if we can perform actions like read range of system, like other activities. What is the actual use of this? When it must be preferred ?

@blacksundar Refer this thread

in excel application scope u can have multiple use:
u dont need to give again and again path say if u want to write cell or read cell u need to give path of excel.
U can use macros in excel appl scope and many more


Excel scope is magical wand for exercising all functionalities related to excel,
For e.g: while automating an application, we can design as below:
1.All input values in one tab.
2. Capture values (calculations based on the input values) and compare actual to expected
3. Finally result in on tab.
Even you can do this in one sheet itself, based on your requirements.
Hope this is clear…