Excel application scope - url dynamic - using an argument

Hi, in excel application scope, for input, am passing the URL as an argument or variable, the system gives an error as “the given path format is not supported” . Any help on this.

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This error shows that given path is invalid.Can you please share the screenshot of the path

@JayakumarSanthanam My bad.Can you share the screenshot that you passed in the excel activity

sorry could not upload the xaml as a new user


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Click on Import Arguments and show me screenshot of it.



Hi @JayakumarSanthanam

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Seems like your path separator ("\") is repeated. When you check your screenshot there are two back-slash which is obviously invalid. Check this and get back :slight_smile:

initially i too thought so, but when i put that exact url (highlighted in screenshot) on to the CMD command and enter it launches the excel actually. :smile:

hi there @JayakumarSanthanam

The following might be the reason why your cmd prompt accepts double backslashes (https://puppet.com/docs/puppet/4.10/lang_windows_file_paths.html)

In UiPath when you are using hardcoded file path you have to have only a single backslash :slight_smile: