Excel Application Scope - UiPath reads file from cache?

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when starting a process, the robot asks the user for an excel file to read. The Excel file has the columns “Plant” and “E-Mail”. The list is read within the workflow using the “Excel Application Scope” activity. Only the property “Read Only” is activated under the options of the activity. The others, such as Visible, are disabled.

The problem here is that as soon as changes are made to the Excel list, such as changing an email address or adding a new row, UiPath, for inexplicable reasons, ignores the changes and works with the original data.

The only workaround is to set the “Visible” property to True or to create a new file. Does uipath possibly have a cache from which files with the same name are read? Unfortunately, I don’t know why the current data is not read.

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Hi Tobias,

Could you please paste your xaml file in here?
Or you can invoke vb.net code to set the property of Excel to normal and try to read it again.

Hey etss1016,

attached is the XAML file.

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TobiasExcel_CheckFile.xaml (8,8 KB)

Have you come with a conclusion about this? I have enterprise studio 2019.4.2 and reading range from excel scope as ReadOnly (all other props with false value), my result datatable is unchanged even after closing studio and reopening… Is there a cache in this activity??

The cache seems to be on the excel scope activity, even DELETING from the filesystem, the activity still dont give me error of not found and reads the non existent file!

Hi @bcorrea

Strange indeed. Could you recreate the issue and attach an example zip of the project (Studio files and the dummy Excel file). It would make it easier for us to investigate.

Only restarting my PC, made uipath read the new contents of that range in excel, i can say that that changes i made were very small (only removed one char inside one particular cell), but still i think if cache is a thing, maybe we need to make a property so we can disable it or make the detection of changes better, i will see if i can get some time to make a project with the problem.

I’m experiencing the same issue with the Read Range activity. I’ve edited the file, removed the file, and yet whenever it sees the file in the directory with that name, it gives me the data from the original file.
I’ve been looking around online and this is the only discussion I’ve come across for the issue but we still have no real programmatic solution.

Is there any update / workaround / solution on this one?

Thank you!


Hi @davidmwhtie

Could you let us know your version of Studio and the Excel activity package? Does it help if you update the Excel activity package to the latest version?

Any updates about this issue? i’m experiencig the same issue. any idea?

We would appreciated a simple, newly created project that reproduces the issue :slight_smile:

Also, make sure the Excel activity package is up to date.