Excel Application Scope "Type" Error

Hello, UIPath CE 19.8, Office 2016, windows 10; suddenly today i’m getting an unusual error from all my projects: “Type ‘UIPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication’ not defined”. Maybe Is something related to yesterday’s office updates? All the “foreach&excel scope” flows fail, being bypassed or processes don’t run at all. I already solved the “library” issue during August the19th. Could you help me please? Many thanks!

hope this would help you

Cheers @VALMAN


Ty mr Palaniyappan, I solved the problem specifying the “WorkbookApp” variable for every single excel scope in my projects. If i use a variable project-wide, the issue remains still. Ty for fast replying!

it wont take the global scope i guess
Cheers @VALMAN

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