Excel Application Scope Read Range error starting Friday 1/29/2021

Hi there. I think starting yesterday Friday 1/29/2021 my bot that updates and Excel spreadsheet started to abort whether it is being run by an unattended bot or from Studio. I’m tried to downgrade the Excel Activites to 2.9.3 but it keeps aborting. I traced the issue to an Excel Application Read Range activity. I know the bot had been working previously at v2.9.5. Anybody else having this problem?

I have also uninstalled UIPath Studio as well. I have figured a work around which is to use the Workbook Read Range activity instead just to get the datatable populated.

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Try opening the excel application manually and check if there is a license issue popup. This can cause issue when using excel app scope.

Hi @Emman_Pelayo . Thank you, I will check. Oddly enough I have a different bot that also uses Excel Application Scope with read range in it and it does not have the issue. I did have to apply a MS Access Db Engine 2007 patch on my laptop for a different legacy application perhaps that is the cause of the issue. Although that doesn’t make sense that it would affect one bot but not the other.

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