Excel application Scope - How to Sum particular cell value with new value using write cell?

I have a value in particular cell ( integer type ), Now I have to paste the new value ( integer type ) to the same cell using write cell activity. This activity replacing the new one with old one but I need to sum the new value + old value and write the result in same cell.

For Example : B2 have value 78, I have add 50 to the B2 value so the result should be 128 in B2 cell.

Kindly provide solution for this.


Hi @Prathibabala

For try as below

  1. Use excel application scope
  2. Inside it use read cell activitiy to read cell value at B2 and store the result in a variable let’s say result . It would be string type.
  3. Then use write cell activitiy to write into the B2 cell with value as (50+ Cint(result)).ToString

Hope it helps

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Thank you for solution. If 50 is comes from data table How can we add the value from DT and cint(result). For example in a write cell I need to write (row(1).tostring+cint(result)).tostring. Please help.

i could not understand by the 50 comes from datatable?

if the cell is known

value = “=data1+data2”
write cell = value


I am reading the cell as per your solution store the data in CellVal variable and adding Cellval to the value from DT (always integer).If I write (convert.Toint32(row(1)).tostring+Cint(Cellval).tostring also getting error like cannot convert generic type to system.Int32

Hi in the write cell write like this


Thank you So Much @NIVED_NAMBIAR , it works fine.

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