Excel Application Scope / Externe Verknüpfungen im Excel

Einige Excel-Files die ich zu bearbeiten habe, haben externe Verknüpfungen im zu bearbeitenden Sheet.

Beim Aufruf von “Excel Application Scope” erscheint dann unmittelbar folgende Frage:

Wie bekomme ich diese Frage weg? UiPath “pausiert” so lange, bis ich händisch auf “Nicht aktualisieren” drücke, erst dann macht UiPath weiter - soll heissen, ich kann die Frage auch nicht mittels “Mouse Click” übergehen, er bleibt ja unmittelbar noch im “Excel Application Scope” hängen …

Any hints?


Use workbook and datatable activities instead of excel activities.

Hi @michael.nes

Use WorkBook activities like Read Range WorkBook, Write Range Workbook and datatable activties.


Hope it might help you!!

OK, but I don’t know the name of Sheet #0 which i need to edit. That’s easy with Excel Application Scope:

How do i do that with workbook-activities?

(Thank you for your support!)


For getting the sheet name you can use “Get WorkBook Sheet” activity which will retrieve the sheet name.


Hi @michael.nes

Give this


Use “Get workbook Sheets activity” in the excel process application it retrives the list of sheet names

Hi rigandu,

the first answers are “You should not use Excel activities, use the workbook activities instead”. And you say, i should use Excel-Activities?!?

If i use “Get Workbook Sheet”, i must use “Excel Application Scope” - and then i have the troubles you see in my first post of this thread

Regards, Michael


Use Read Range workbook activity this will read the whole excel and store it an data table.
You must give the file path and Sheet Name in order to use this activity.




Lets try to use excel process scope in your workflow and use “get workbook sheets” Acttivity and see what the outcome is…

Hi @michael.nes

If you want to get sheetnames then try as below


Check if your excel contains any hyperlinks. If yes then you need to right click on that and click on remove hyper link and save the file.

Try refresh the links by go to the “Data” tab in Excel, click on “Edit Links,” and then click on “Update Values” to refresh the links.

Once again … :slight_smile:

If i use “Excel Application Scope”, the following window opens immediately:

So i can’t get the sheetnames within Excel Application Scope.

And i also can’t get the sheetnames within the workbook-activities, because there is no activitie to read the sheetnames.

Also, i can’t edit the Excel, these are fetched externally and processed directly with UiPath …


Try this hope it works

  1. The “Start Process” activity opens Excel in read-only mode using the /r command-line argument. Replace "C:\Path\To\Your\Excel\File.xlsx" with the actual file path of your Excel file.
  2. After opening Excel in read-only mode, you can perform your desired operations within the “Excel Application Scope” (if needed). You can omit the “Excel Application Scope” if you only want to open the file without performing any further operations.

Thanks for your Help, but none of it really work.

I found this solution:

Create a “personal.xlsb” - see Create and save all your macros in a single workbook - Microsoft Support

With this VBA-Code inside:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.AskToUpdateLinks = False
End Sub

Now i can use all Excel - Activities, the annoying query for external links no longer occurs. :slight_smile:

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