Excel Application Scope error while reading the xlsb file


I am facing the below issue while opening an xlsb file. It looks like Excel Application Scope activity is failing to load certain excel files (for example xlsb file in my case).

Just a few things what I have done before raising it in the forum.

I referred threads Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010001 (RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED), UiPath forum link and other similar threads on forum.

I can confirm this is not a license issue because I have other xlsx files processed through same build.
I also tried disabling Add-ins and external data links as suggested in other forums. Still no luck.

I would appreciate if some one help me here. What is the core issue for this? Is there any help available that originates from inner source?

Excel Application Scope: Call was rejected by callee. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010001 (RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED))


Hi @SGoriparti,

Is your Excel Binary Workbook corrupted? Test if you manually open the xlsb using utility tool like winzip for example.

I can open Excel file with extension xlsb.

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hi @SGoriparti,

Welcome to Uipath Community.

What is the Excel Size and the Number of Rows in sheet you are attempting to Read ?


Thank you Mukesh. The xlsb file is of roughly about 5 MB file with multiple work sheets. The rows vary from 300 to 1000 with a number of columns ~200. Here are my observations…

  • All excel files are macro based and have data links. I tried to disable add-ins but no luck
  • Problem is only with some of the xlsb files
  • Problematic files can be opened manually

I would like to hear if there is a way to selective debugging technique as I was not able to identify the difference of files that are successfully processed vs failed (Pls note the files are failing in the first step)


Hi Green Tea,
Excel file seems not a corrected one. These are very well in use and I can open manually without a problem. I have provided more information based on my observations. Hope that helps for any more suggestions for further diagnosis


hi @SGoriparti,

Have you tried Reading the files in background .i.e Visible option disabled in excel application scope.

Also ,
How to Identify successfully processed vs failed ?

Lets Say I have 10 excel File Inside afolder to iterate.

  1. I take a try catch and Put the excel application scope inside Try.
  2. Iterate the Files one by one.
  3. If exceptions are there - In the catch section - we write the Filename to logs / send Email.
  4. If success - Proceed to next file from Folder.

What is Excel activites version you are using ?


I am using 2.7.2 version of Excel activities.
I tried reading the files in background as suggested by you. But did not get luck. I used try catch for catching the exceptions.
Excel process was hanging in the background when it failed to load excel in the Excel Application scope

Can you try by downgrading the excel activities version to 2.4 .6863

Thank you for the suggestion. But it is the same error. I see macro settings was not there in 2.4.x
I wondered if any thing to do with external links or other excel level settings.

Try opening your task manager(cntrl+shift+Esc), Go to details Tab, scroll down and check if any excel is open in the background. Close it by Selecting End Task in task manager itself and then try to re run your process.
If it still does not helps, refer to this link :https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/475135
Let me know if it helps!