Excel Application Scope Erasing Wb Data

Hi everyone,

I’m having a strange issue where opening any document in Excel Application Scope erases all data inside the workbook.

I open and review the document I want to work with before hand–all data present. I use the “browse” feature in the Excel Application Scope WorkbookPath. When I try to execute the process (process just includes opening the workbook, and one ExcelReadRange), the document opens, but is completely blank.

I go back to open and review the document I specified for action in my file explorer to see what’s wrong, and all data has been erased. (I kept a copy to try again with.) I have repeated this process with various tweaks and recreating the xaml file all together, but it keeps erasing the data for each new copy of the document I create. . . I’ve even tried moving the file to a new folder.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I’m at a loss.


Can you share your zipped project folder with proprietary data replaced?

The new Single Sign On won’t allow me to sign into my other more active forum account (bc that one is not linked to my platform account. . .) and new users can’t attach docs.

My guess is that there is some activity happening before the Excel Application Scope is used, or the workflow is scrolling to a section of the worksheet where you can’t see any data.

Check your workflow for activities manipulating the workbook before the Excel Application Scope activity, and also check if the document has gone to a part of the worksheet where there is no data. Excel workbooks retain the last cell position, meaning you could go to the bottom, right cell of a workbook, save the data, and when someone opens the workbook, that’s where the cursor will be.

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(this is my other account I was able to log into finally)
There are no activities before the Excel Application Scope. After executing the process, the Excel workbook has no data starting fro A1 and all worksheets were deleted.Excel_App_Scope Issue.zip (47.6 KB)

I ran this workflow, and it read the data indicated. No data was overwritten in the workbook.

Ensure that the WorkbookPath in the ExcelApplicationScope is correct.

I was hoping that was the issue too, but I gave it three separate attempts, all with carefully browsing for the proper doc with the brose feature for the WorkbookPath. Still, all data was just erased each time.

I didn’t mention this because I didn’t think it was relevant (I thought the issue was with the ExcelApplicationScope, since excel wb was experiencing issues), but I also have a Word Application Scope as the very next activity. I think I needed to re-import the package for those activities?

Either way, it’s working now thanks to your magic touch and a second try at just restarting my computer.

Thanks for looking into it!

I think that’s a good idea. The dependencies may be corrupt.