Excel Application Handling


I have a situation where in I have a huge excel file containing 20k excel rows, that file needs to be Segregated into different excel files based upon a criteria, post that, we need to apply some calculation methods on each sheet.

I need suggestions on how to handle exceptions in this case, if somehow the bot got an issue in any sheet in between, then it should resume it from there itself.

Please help with suitable suggestions.

Kajal Singhal


There are many ways to handle the exception

Let’s go one by one

  1. First I would suggest to take REFramework template here as it would help you reiterate the sequence of activities and also to track the exceptions occurred
    In that point of view REFramework can easily help us here in this scenario

  2. Next we can simply use a FLOWCHART where we can loop again if there is any failure which means once after writing to a sheet of it fails in the middle then it should saved as False in a Boolean variable
    That Boolean variable can be used in Flow Decision to think on whether has to be retried or can be moved to the next one

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Kajal_Singhal

In case, I would write a macro to do all the steps you mentioned.

Also do the exception handling in the coding of macro.