Excel and oulook help

Hi have i have 2 Scenerios
1.if i have a mail in which suppose 3 attachment are there and i have to download only one then how to do that and also i have to check date of the mail
2.i have an excel and in that two column are there account and settle account.In account coloumn there are account numbers which have 8 digit and some have 9 so i have to pick only 8 digit number and condition is in the column from settle there are account who is starting with 045 plese help me

Hy @akritiverma316,

1 - you can download the attachment you want with the ‘download attachment’ activity
2 - you can you the filter data table activity starts with 045. To get get 8 digits use the right function right (mystring,8)

Any questions please let me know


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@William_Blech_Sister i have use save attachment but my query is if a sender send two excel and validation is “every mail have one attachment not more than one” and if i use save attachment abd in filter property i use “.xlxs” then it is downloding two excel bcz that attachment has two exce.

Hy @akritiverma316,

Could you share me your entire worfklow project so I can take a look?


i havent created the wokflow i am confused

i guess you helped me earlier as well so i guess you might have that excel sheet

Hy @akritiverma316,

I remembered talking to you but I cannot find your file :frowning:

First Part
Count Email Attachments: Do a ‘for each’ loop activity with all the emails from your mail
Use the mailMessage.Attachments.Count to get the attachements count

Second Part
Lenth: Try the MyString.Lenght to get the lenght of your text.

Does it help you?


can you share me the workflow for excel is it required few modification only i guess you have that previous workflow

Sorry, @akritiverma316, I am cannot find it, I am looking for it but with no sucess :frowning:

whats your mail id??

@akritiverma316, bill.blech@gmail.com

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