Excel and data tables

in excel and datatables course in uipath there’s a practice problem as

Bring together cash and card expenses and calculate percentages on categories

We have a list of expenses (rent, food, utilities, leisure, savings) for which card payments were made. We have discovered that some transactions are missing, as they were done in cash. Prepare a workflow to bring all the expenses in a single file and calculate the percentages for each expense made.

is there any easier approach to solve this as the solution provided is bit lengthy and confusing

heres is the data and answer in solution part
CardPayments.xlsx (9.4 KB)
CashPayments.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Main.xaml (27.9 KB)

Hi @Prem_Kumar_S ,

One approach can be Linq Queries can be used to narrow down the complexity and length of code in this case.


ok thanks