Excel add new raw daily in particular cell

I need to add new Raw every day with current date like (29-Aug-2022) this format. but main task i need to add this raw in particular cell and then after its add one by one every day…like currently add in cell B1114 and Tommorow automatically add next row B1115. SO, which type i can do can you say ?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @rAE_rAS, I hope you are doing well.
So for this you can make use of assets. For the first run pass a cell value ex:B100 in an asset, call it in your code write the date in that cell value and at the end increase the number part by 1 and make it B101 and update the asset value to B101.
So next day when bot will run it will take the latest asset value and update date in that cell.

Have a good day!

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta