Excel Add in is disabled after Restarting Excel( COM Add in )


I am not able to view excel add ins after restarting the excel via UI Path.
Is there a way Add ins are not disabled by UI Path?

Did you solved this issue?

Hey, I could not find a resolution to this issue.

Did you solve it in another way?

Are you using Excel Application Scope to Open Excel file? Have you tried with Start Process? It looks fine on my PC, but I don’t know why…

I am seeing this issue as well using Windows 10. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi. I was facing the same issue but resolved it.
You may use the activities in the following order:
-> Start process : give the path to the file
-> Attach window: Just give the selectors of the file here
-> Put Excel application scope inside “Do” of Attach Window and deselect “Create New File”

Should run with the add-in (I have checked and verified for Analysis ,COM add-in)

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