Excel Add-in installation not successful if the excel installed is from the store

Is there a solution been provided by UiPath or planning to have this in near future for users to install the excel add-ins from the default MS Office (Excel) suits . In many organization this is a challenge to reinstall MS office in another location in order for UiPath StudioX to work using the excels. In POC’s and demo if we are not able to properly install an excel add-in due to the default installation location done by Microsoft store, how could we recommend/promote to our clients.
If other than reinstalling the excel any other solutions available to resolve this error? I did follow the steps given in the “UiPath Excel Addin Installation Troubleshooting v4.docx” and was able to install manually. However it is not displaying in the COM add-ins screen.


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Hi, As you are trying using StudioX, you have to install the Add-in for sure, No other way as of now to resolve i believe

But you can try on Studio Pro to continue your automation

Hope this helps you