Excel Activity for student data

Hi guys i have a scenario pls help me how to do this,
1.Read student details from excel,add 2 new columns “Eligibility for election” and “USN”
2.Populate “Eligibility for election” column based on below conditions:

  • If rating is more than or equal to 10, then “Eligible”
  • If rating is less than 10,then check “performance Score”.If “performance Score” is more than or equal to 4,then “InEligible”

3.Populate “USN” column in below format:

  • [E(if Eligible) or (If InEligible)][Current Year][First Name in Uppercase]

Eg:If Employee Name is ‘John Doe’ and Eligibility for election is “Eligible” then student USN will be ‘E2020JOHN’
4.Filter the employee who are eligible and ineligible.Write the eligible student data to a new sheet “Eligible” and “Ineligible” employee data to a new sheet “InEligible” within same workbook