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Hi Folks please help me to solve this,thks in advance

1.Read employee details from sheet ‘Employee’ of ‘Excel.xlsx’
2.Add two new columns ‘Eligibility for Hike’ and ’ Employee UID’
3.populate ‘Eligibility for Hike’ column based on following conditionEmployee.xlsx (9.1 KB)

  • If ‘Total Experience’ is more than or equal to 10,then ‘Eligible’
  • If ‘Total Experience’ is less than 10,then check ‘Performance Score’,If ‘Performance Score’ is more than or equal to 4,then ‘Eligible’
  • If none of the above ‘InEligible’

4.Populate ’ Employee UID’ column in below format

  • [E (If Eligible) or I(If InEligible)[Current year][firstname in Uppercase]
    eg:if employee name is ‘John Doe’ and ‘Eligibilty for Hike’ is ‘Eligible’ then employee uid will be ‘E2020JOHN’
    5.FIlter the employee who are eligible and ineligible.Write the eligible employee data to new sheet ‘Eligible’ and ineligible employee to a new sheet ‘InEligible’ witihin same workbook

Hi @Naseem_Banu

Use add data columns activity
and then use read crange activity
use for each row in datatable1

use if condition row(“Total experience”).ToString>0
then use flag value like string variable=“Eligible”
else use if condition row(“Total experience”).ToString<10
and then use row(“Performance Score”).ToString>4
do the manipulations

Ashwin S

Hi @Naseem_Banu,

I have created a project for you incorporating the logic you mentioned. Kindly change the path of the file and run.

Employee Appraisal.zip (30.2 KB)


Accept the solution if you find it useful.

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