Excel Activities for Processing and Filtering

Hi everyone, i’d like to share my new custom activity. Feel free to use it and ask any questions


Main Functions include:

1. Batch Delete Rows In Excel - delete specified rows

a. In_rowNumbersToDelete (string) - the row numbers to delete (separated by comma)
a. .e.g. “1,3,5,7,9”
b. In_excelPath (string) – excel path
c. In_sheetName (string) – sheet name

2. Batch Highlight Rows In Excel - highlight specified rows
a. In_rowNumbersToHighlight (string) - the row numbers to highlight (separated by comma)
e.g. “1,3,5,7,9”
b. In_excelPath (string) – excel path
c. In_sheetName (string) – sheet name

3. Filter Column By Values- filter by multiple critieria

a. in_columnLetterOrNameToFilter (string) - can be the column letter “A”, or the name of the column header “e.g. Heading5”, if you input “Heading5” the robot will find the column where header = “Heading5”
b. In_excelPath (string) – excel path
c. In_sheetName (string) – sheet name
d. In_headerRow (int) – the row where the header is at ( default = 1)
e. in_filterCriteria (String) - values to filter (separated by comma) (<> means not equal to)
Example 1 . AA,AB means filter values = AA,AB
Example 2. <>AA,<>AB means filter values = not AA and not AB


4. Remove Leading Zeroes From Columns
Removes all leading zeroes from text in a column/columns
a. in_columnLettersToProcess (string) - the column letters to process (separated by comma)
a. .e.g. “A,B,C”
b. In_excelPath (string) – excel path
c. In_sheetName (string) – sheet name

5. Convert Columns Format To Text
Converts whole column format to text format
a. in_columnLettersToProcess (string) - the column letters to process (separated by comma)
a. .e.g. “A,B,C”
b. In_excelPath (string) – excel path
c. In_sheetName (string) – sheet name

Use case - delete all rows where Heading2 = Orange

  1. Download my other library AppendRowNumberColumnToDt.Activities (you can find it in the Package Manager)
  2. Read excel range into variable called “dt”
  3. Use “Append Row Number Column”
  4. Loop over dt and add the rowNumber of rows where Heading2=Orange to a list
  5. Call Batch Delete Rowsactivity In Excel with the list created above


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New version released:

new function:

  1. Batch Copy Row From One excel to another
    a. In_rowNumbersToCopy (string) - the row numbers to copy separated by comma)
    a. .e.g. “1,3,5,7,9”
    b. In_sourcePath (string) – source excel path to copy from
    c. In_sourceSheetName (string) – source sheet name to copy from
    d. In_destPath (string) – destination excel path to copy to (can be the same as source path)
    e. In_destSheetName (string) – destination sheet name to copy to
    f. in_deleteSourceRowsAfterCopy (Boolean) – If True, it will delete the copied rows from source sheet

Copy rows 2,4,6,7, from D:\test\a.xlsx to D:\test\a.xlsx (same file) from Sheet1 to Sheet2 then delete the rows from sheet1


Before run