Excel access without using Excel Application Scope

My current automation needs to populate a spreadsheet that uses a COM add-in to communicate with a server. Data is added to the spreadsheet, an upload button is clicked, the server receives the data, and populates the spreadsheet with the results, success or failure.

I was unable to automate the process of logging in to the server when using the Excel Application Scope (EAS) activity. I used the classic “Attach Window”, “Click”, and “Type Into” activities, and that is working well. But now I can’t find a way to populate the worksheet, as the Excel activities are required to be in an EAS activity.

I see two alternatives: either I find a way to pass an object representing the spreadsheet from “Attach Window” to EAS; or I remain within the “Attach Window” activity and use “Click”, “Type lnto” etc. to populate each cell. The second option is not appealing, as there will be hundreds of cells to fill in. for the first option, I can’t find a way to create any kind of object other than Window to pass.

Does anyone have some suggestions? Is there a package that can do some thing like this?

Hello @JohnCarr I would like to help you.
There are 2 set of Excel Activities, One of them need EAS and the other one doesn’t need it, Whe you use the second Option the Excel File should be close

As you can see we have Excel and Workbook
Workbook doesn’t need EAS

Try to use them and let me know if that works

Manuel -

I added the System “Write Range” activity before the sequence to log on to the server. The idea is that the data is all there before anything happens with the server. The activities execute without any errors, but no changes are saved to the target file. What can I show you to help figure this out?

@JohnCarr Can I see an Screenshot of you Workflow?

Upon further review, I had the file pathname wrong. It works! Thanks a million, Manuel!