Excel 2.11.4 - is the add-in required for execution or only for development?

What is this? This is ridiculous. Excel was so easy to use before, now it’s more complicated. If we want to use this we have to install an add-in on all our server and robot combinations?!

Why do you make changes like this?!

All this just to read a cell. Maddening.

I’ll just use the old version. It works fine.

Hey @postwick ,

Would it be possible to provide more details about the issue you are encountering? Are you having issues installing the Excel add-in in Studio or would it be possible to let us know how you came across this?

To provide more details, you shouldn’t be required to install the Excel add-in for runtime. The add in is optional and it’s used only at design time for its capability to Indicate in Excel. You can use the Modern Excel activities without it and alternatively you can simply continue using Workbook activities.


I was simply trying to do a read cell. But now the cell definition isn’t just a string, it’s a specific datatype. And when I try to indicate the cell it requires me to install the plugin. I can’t just type “B2” like I used to. And the Workbook activities didn’t work, I kept getting a generic runtime error - probably because the cell contains a VLOOKUP.

For a bit more context, you should be able to easily select the specific cell like so:


I understand that, thank you for the tip. My point is really that all these plugins are problematic. We have 4 servers that run unattended automations and 14 robot accounts. That means to install the plugin we have to manually log in and install it 56 times.

You need to come up with a better way to manage these things. One suggestion is to make Orchestrator an environment that does more than just run automations. It should also allow us to manage our host servers as well as users’ Studios (ie settings, restrictions, analyzer rules, etc).

As mentioned above by @Raluca_Laic:

This extension only concerns the development machines and is not used by the unattended robots at all. It is a convenient way that enables the “Indicate in Excel” button to access the Excel with a simple click.

I’ll pass your feedback to our Automation Ops team. A bulk of the things you mention is already possible via that section of Automation Cloud.

Ahhhhh I didn’t understand that part. Thanks!