Excecution wont stop automatically "terminated abruptly!"

Whenever I’m using the activity “get outlook mail messages” and returning the list of mail messages as an output argument, the execution won’t stop. I understand that we can avoid that by using a variable or an input argument instead, but using those won’t let me return the list of mails as an output. I also tried using a variable, then assigning the output argument with the variable’s value. The workflow works alright (just like before), but I face the same execution not stopping issue.

So basically you re sending this argument OUT in another wf

Right. And the workflow runs completely. It’s just unable to stop executing.

So the robot finishes the job in background, just that Studio doesn’t show the finished message, correct?

The robot does finish the job in the background, and the studio shows the finished message, too. But the bot doesn’t stop running. When you manually close it, you get an exception. The screenshots below shall make things clear.


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