Example of VB Code for concatenating Two rows and filling a third row with that

50k rows are there in which three columns need to be filled and in which two columns are to be concatenated to fill third columns, Please let me know if u have any sample code for the same.

Please provide screenshots, if possible, or an example case for us to better understand the request.

Example: There are about Five columns

Colum1 Column2 Column3 Column 4 Column 5
1 2000

Column 3 should be filled by concatenating column 1 and 2 that is Column 3 = 20001, column 4 and 5 will have values based on some calculations, There are about 50k rows and for loop is taking a lot of time, hence i would need example code for filling column3 at once., Initally iam reading an excel and storing it as a Data table (dt).


Use Invoke Method activity to do this. Please check below thread for your reference.

Hi @lakshman the mentioned code is working fine if i build a data table with few values but if i read from excel store it in a data table and invoke it is adding the final Digit example: A:1200,B=1, it is giving output as C=1201 But my required output is C=12001

Supposing A and B are the variables containing 1200 and 1 respectively, add the two by using this code:

A.ToString + B.ToString

That converts the values into text, which will give you 12001.