Example of using Text Automation (at UiPath Studio Guide)


I am trying to follow this example: Example of using Text Automation

When doing the step #5, no “Attach Browser” activity was generated. My question for this moment is, should we put an “Attach Browser” activity into the sequence after the step #3 and only then… making the Data Scraping?


Hello there,
Quite surprising ! :thinking:we do get attach browser auto generated after data scraping.(hope your using data scraping wizard from the design tab not from activity pane)
Which version ?
However its not necessary to be inside attach browser ,it’s generated as data scraping having partial selector. All you have to do is pass the full selector to the Extract Structured Data activity.

Yes, I’m using the Data Scraping from the design tab. The UiPath version is the 2016.2 as far as I can understand.

First I click the Data Scraping, then on the Extract Wizard window to Select Element I click Next. Then I go to website provided on the example and when I select a line I receive the “You selected a table cell, would you like to extract the date from the whole table” information and I click Yes.

Then the Extract Wizard shows up with the Preview Data details and I click Finish.

I’m sent back to the UiPath Designer but my worfklow doesn’t get the Attach Browser window.

Ok np. Does data scraping return proper data when your running the code?(just put message box after that and pass this datatblename.Rows.Count.ToString)
if so it’s not mandate your workflow should be resemble to example.(As i mentioned in previous comment it might have taken full selector)

Okay, but before trying… I drag a Message box activity to the workflow. Should I create a new variable to put inside the Text?

nope you just need to pass the output variable of data scraping to messagebox which i refereed as datatablename.
For ex:


Alright, I see. The thing is… I don’t even have that Extract Structured Data “TABLE” activity as I didn’t had the Attach Browser window generated. I mean, I click “Finish” when I’m seeing the Preview Details window and my workflow looks simple as this:

So, my apologies, I’m newbie on this. I don’t know to where the data was extracted.

:roll_eyes: extract structured data activity Auto generated by data scraping .
If it’s not generating then it’s thing to look
Into. adding QA team . @Gabriel_Tatu