Exam feedback: check transaction item variable and arguments data type

In the practical exam for certification I got the following feedbacks that I don’t quite understand:

  • check transaction item variable and arguments data type

    • In the assigment it did say in general that I should use QueueItems but didn’t specify that I should use them also in the dispatcher, where I used rows for TransactionItem. Could it refer to this?
  • check for queue item usage 3

    • Does this mean that it has found 3 xamls where I have used other than queue item for TransactionItem or what?
  • check for correct queue item properties with optimal usage

    • I use Add item in dispatcher, Get Queue Item in performer’s Get Transaction Data… what to check for if has correct properties or optimal usage? It has correct queue name and valid output variable. I have tested it, seen it working all right - what and how to correct or optimize?
  • And is that ok that I have created a zip with the performer and dispatcher folders without making one referencing the other?

I guess it wouldn’t be right nor legal to share here the assigment text and my uploaded work that was evaluated with these clear and elaborate feedbacks… anybody here understands these feedbacks already?

Hi @obeliksz

  1. Did you follow every single step and criteria given for the variable and argument type?
  2. If I were to make a guess, it is most probably your 3rd transaction item that is given the error. Have you tried running the workflow on your own before submission? How did it went?
  3. Refer to part 1.
  4. What I did was zipping up two folders (dispatcher and performer) into one zip file. Also, if you are using the previous REFramework files and workflows, remove the unnecessary ones or not used.

Remember to clear unused variables as well.
If still in doubt, do send a ticket with what you wrote to the UiPath team! :slight_smile:

Hi @happiefruit

Good to see a reply, thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. for “transaction item variable and arguments data type” I have no criteria in the description of the dispatcher, in the performer’s case it is clear that QueueItems have to be used and I used there that. There is last general paragraph with " Constraints to follow in the development, using the REFrameWork" were it is stated that " TransactionItem datatype should be a QueueItem ." Now in this same line it refers to performer actions, so I was thinking that this is obviously a requirement for the performer robot. Could that be a problem that in the dispatcher I used datatable’s rows as TransactionItem instead of QueueItem? I don’t remember such best practice advice on the advanced training. If else, I don’t know as I did try the performer and dispatcher also and they did work without any error as expected.

  2. You mean to check on the 3rd transaction item status in Orchestrator’s Queue view? It has 178 records and are all successful.

  3. Came to my mind that I have assigned the values that came from the QueueItem to String variables and worked with them, not directly calling on QueueItem… This is not optimal from resource perspective but probably is more easy to follow.

  4. Okay, I did it in the same way, unused variables cleared… and thanks for the hint to contact the UiPath team. Will do.

Hi @Obeliksz!

Hope everything is going on smoothly so far!

  1. I believe any will work for the dispatcher part. I remembered using string type for mine (one of the ways we did during the advanced diploma lesson)
  2. Why is there so many records? Before running the program, make sure that the test data and the queue is reset. Resetting the queue means that you will recreate the queue with the same name that you have passed it in the studio workflow.
  3. Yap. Refer to 1.
  4. How was it? Any response from them?


  1. There were exactly that number of records in a table I had to scrape and fetch them to Orchestrator to then perform some actions with them.
  2. No response yet (3 work days since contacting).

How is it so far? The question would have changed already right? Managed to pass the practical exam?

I don’t want to give my last try until I understand at least some of the feedbacks, as I thought that all is good but got only 55 points with feedbacks hard to understand as shown here.

Well, well… Finally I got some answers, I’m not sure if I did modifications in these lines, but I got certified before getting these responses without major modifications:

  1. check config file: this is a trick question. Pay attention on what the exercise states, there are some redirect in place and some url are working even though they are not what you are asked in the task.
  2. check for renaming activities 1: Yes, one activity has the default name, it is advised to change it to a more descriptive one
  3. check for correct target selector 2: The selector we are looking for is “id=‘invoiceNumber’”
  4. check against using hardcoded values 1: 1 is in fact an id, we were looking for the config OrchestratorQueueName
  5. check for validation of correct items: here we are searching fo exactly the data you are saving: BusinessRuleException, Vendor Tax ID, Date
  6. check transaction item variable and arguments data type: In Process.xaml we are looking fo TransactionItem
  7. check for queue item usage 3: Here 3 is just a criteria id. We are looking for transactionitem in process.xaml, you moved those in Process_InitValues.xamls
  8. check for correct queue item properties with optimal usage : here we are searching fo exactly the data you are saving: Invoice Number, Tax ID, Date

If you have further questions, need for clarification please contact the support team as I did. If you found this helpful probably if you’ll share your story that would be helpful as well…
So please don’t write private messages as I can not and will not try to figure out what they mean, how to pass the exam, etc… This post is all the support I could give to the community in this subject.


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