Everytime executing same transaction item

Hi Everyone,

i am using Re-framework for the first time and using excel table for input.

But the same item is processing every time and that to not processing complete, it also closes browser every time and then open again do the same transaction.

Do let me know incase of any more information required.

Kindly assist.

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Hey @Rakesh_Tiwari

Looks like there is a system exception in your scenario ?

Confirm pls


Hi @Nithinkrishna

This is the output screenshot.

how to confirm?

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Ok great.

Your transaction itself not getting counted.

I think you may be using the default Get Transaction Item logic

Kindly update your get transaction workflow logic


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Looks good, before this what is the logic please ?

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari ,

Did we use add queue item activity in the init state first run to store the table data into work queue. Pls confirm the sane and also try the suggestion from @Nithinkrishna .

Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

which logic you want me to show, kindly let me know, i have not used any logic, just initialize the application in initAllApplication state.

i have written logic in process transaction state that’s it.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1,

no, i am not using any queue concept here

when i try to debug with breakpoint in get transaction state, i got below error.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari ,

Please check if the variable io_dt_TransactionData has value in it. Seems you missed to assign value to parameter while invoking transactionData workflow.

Also, Robot closes and opens browser multiple times because of max Retry count value mentioned in Configuration file.

Hi @poorna_nayak07 ,

no, it doesn’t have any value, pls find image for reference.

i have mentioned max retry no as 1 in config file.

I meant the parameter values assigned while invoking get Transaction Item File in mail Workflow. So please check it in main workflow. Currently you have attached Screenshot of Default values in GetTransaction Workflow.

you mean this?

No. Check the invoke workflow activity used in main workflow to invoke Get Transaction Item file.

Hi @poorna_nayak07 ,

i am not understanding what do you mean by get transaction item file.

in first run workflow i have written the logic to read the excel, and i know the get transaction data workflow where the each row of excel table is coming.

is this what you mean to say?

Hi All,

again, i tried automating uidemo application using queue item.

but again uidemo application is opening for the first time and then closes the application, and again application pop ups but not able to enter the credential.

but the issue is it should try to open again once it is open already, why this is happening?

my last issue also didn’t fix, kindly help

Hey @Rakesh_Tiwari

As discussed, these are the things which will help you…

  1. Use App State Kindly update the options section with proper values for open and close

  2. Increment the transaction number by one if Set Transaction Status is disabled


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Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

ok, Thanks for your all efforts.

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