Everyday Use for UiPath...What have you done?

Hi All,

Can you share what you have done with Uipath in your day to day duties or at home that has in some way or another benefited you either in reducing time an effort in getting something done for example like reading emails and moving important ones to a separate folder or using studio to extracting raw data from excel and making a powerpoint presentation from the excel data or for instance making a list of your fav songs.

Keen to see what you have used Uipath for to help you with mundane day2day tasks .or other stuff…

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I have couple of things yo say here. Apart from he automaton projects I have done at office these are about my personal automations to help my day to day requirements.

  1. I usually do lot of online searching on different stuff to buy or sell. I spend lot of time searching stuff in different sites and comparing. So to do this on behalf of me, I have my own bot to do that for me. She does all the searching based on my criteria, compare stuff and emails me with the things that best suits me :grinning:

  2. I’m building another to monitor the number of downloads and rankings on different stuff which I need to keep an eye on a daily basis. There are quite a lot of stuff which I need to monitor

  3. I also have another bot that takes care or my monthly expenses and gives me a comparison of the income and expense of each month :grinning::grinning: I need it a lot for my monthly expense management… too many expenses but less income :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So it’s quite a lot of time which I can save on those boring stuff in our day to day life

  1. Testing different scripts
  2. Work with Orchestrator
  3. Keep eye on bot performance
  4. Optimizing scripts
  5. Add new or search new way to make the script work better
  6. Scripting and more scripting
  7. Experiment with OCR & AI stuff :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I have daily 5 to 10 process to work on or provide assistance and 200++ bots to watch at Orchestrator


Thanks for sharing Fernando

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@DangerousDave No worries bro… I have a crazy interest in RPA… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

By the way, you can call me Lahiru… Fernando is my surname :grinning: