Every time i start UIPathstudio ask me license!

Every time i start UIPathstudio ask me for the license, but always ask me for that…i put my email and work ok…but every time i start uipath studio ask me my email…is it normal??

Thanks a lot


I am facing the same issue.
I start UiPath, a mail address and password are requested every time.

Hope to help me to solve this problem.

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Hi @kmichiie
Which studio version? A screenshot would be helpful also.

Thanks for your reply.

UiPath studio version is v2016.2.6442.
(Sorry, I don’t have screenshot.)

I have asked user to reinstall.
If I understand something, I will reply.

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Thanks for reply.

I tried to reinstall UiPath, this problem was solved.
(may be authority check occured this problem.)