Event viewer not showing Orchestrator related logs

How to resolve when the Event viewer does not show any logs related to Orchestrator?

For a source to send logs to Event Viewer of windows, there has to be a key value pair in registry. At times, it is noticed that the Orchestrator key value pair goes missing in the registry.
Refer to the screenshot below and ensure the same key value pair exists in the machine. If it does not exists, then it has to be created manually and this will enable sending the logs from Orchestrator to event viewer.

In order to create the registry key value pair, follow the steps below :-
1) Press Win + R. This will open the “run” window.
2) Type “regedit” to open the registry window.
3) Browse to the path as mentioned below.
4) Create the folder “Orchestrator” as highlighted in the screenshot below.
5) Create the key value pair with the name “EventMessageFile” and the value as shown in the screenshot below.