Event trigger once Text change

Yes exactly bro, I want to do the further activity once Pending changed to Eligible/Not Eligible. But I have used the On Element Vanish and similar other activities, but sometimes it’s working sometime not.
This is the property I set. For One Element Vanish,

Okay, If I want to use the One Element Appear.
This looks different bro. Here it’s giving the result in Output.
So if I use this which element I have to Capture like Pending??
Note - Pending will changed to Eligible/Not Eligible

please suggest. let’s try this if it’s working.

Two ways I can think of… Here is the first one :

Find a common selector for the element, independent of the status being Pending, Eligible or Not Eligible

Use Wait Attribute activity to wait for the aaname of this element to turn to Eligible (if that is more common than Not Eligible. Else use Not Eligible here).
Timeout : the maximum time that the application can take to change the status
ContinueOnError : True

After this activity, use Get Attribute activity to get the aaname.
If it is

  • Eligible - Do your eligible thingy
  • Not eligible - Do your not eligible thingy
  • Pending - you may throw a time out exception as application takes longer, or choose to repeat the steps again (you need to loop these using other loop statements)

Here is another work around.
Find a common selector for the element, independent of the status being Pending , Eligible or Not Eligible

Design a custom wait block using Do While activity. Like this :

Adjust your timeOutCounter threshold in the Condition or Duration in the Delay activity, as needed


Every time this loop executes, the script will wait for 10 seconds (you can change this in the Delay activity). timeOutCounter decides the maximum times the loop can run. If you want to wait for max 30 seconds, set timeOutCounter < 3. If you want to wait for max 60 seconds, set timeOutCounter < 6, etc.

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Status is the variable that holds the output from Get Attribute activity

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Thanks a lot @kaderms @Palaniyappan issue got resolved.


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