Event Scheduler with database


i want to use UI Path studio to schedule event.

The process are:

if user press a button, ui path will automatically schedule an available date and display in a text box.

any idea what are the steps to do the project

Can you elaborate more details?

that is when a user click on a button , the RPA will automatically take an available date which is stored in the database(MSSQL) and will schedule on that available date.

the project is based on an event scheduler but using RPA

Hi @bhavesh07
Use “Click Trigger” Activity which is valid inside Monitor event activity.
When you press on the button your schedule will start.
For schedule an available date you need to use loop and conditions to check which date is available.


will it take the date from the database?

You need to create connection with database and take record from database.

can you please do it. im really stuck in the project or give me a sample project

hi @bhavesh07
Please attach your workflow.

can you give me your email address. we can communicate via mail.


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