Event On Element Appear - does not work

Hi UiPath Team and UIPath experts,

It looks like On Element Appear still has a problem: “Activity timeout exceeded”. Forum has has multiple topics regarding this issue. I checked all threads, but I could not find a real solution.
All suggested answers suggest different solutions but not for the “Element Appear”.
I am using trigger based on incoming email notification on task bar. My “Element Appear” file works couple times, but next I got run-time error: “Activity timeout exceeded”

Here solutions I tried:

  1. I need to have RepeatForever – True
  2. ElementExist does not work
  3. ContinueOnError – does not work
  4. Increased Timeout (milliseconds) to 360,000 – does not work
  5. I experimented with “Try Catch”: Tried multiple exceptions, but could not find right one.
  6. “ImageExist” – is working but I need to use “Element Appear”

It would be absolutely great to get a working file example. Attached is my file.

Thank you,

On%20Element%20Appear%20Runtime%20Error Event_Image_Appear_Email_Read_UIElement.xaml (6.2 KB)

Hi @river1

Try this solution. It might work for you…

On Element Appear; how to wait without timeout

Let know how it goes.


am not sure why you want to use on element appear activity for Recieving email.
you can use get outlookemail message in retry scope when ever you got email you can trigger your activity.

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

The Retry option is working perfect.

Thank you much.

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Hi @river1

Glad to hear it worked… could you please mark the appropriate answer as the solution :slight_smile:

Hi @venkat4u,

You are absolutely right. The “Get Outlook Mail Message” is a proper way for this task. To make outlook working in monitoring mode would be best option for me. But tried it few times and I could not make it working.
I found way around, but whole project became extremely large. I will try again to make it Get Outlook Message working in Retry Scope.

Thank you for the advice,

Hi @venkat4u,
I want Thank you for your advice to make Outlook messaging working. It was right suggestion. I started to debugging it again and made it working. Now my project significantly smaller and faster.

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