Even though I've provided the accurate API key, an API key error continues to be displayed

“I’ve encountered an unexpected issue while integrating an API into my application. Despite confirming that I’ve input the correct API key, an error message related to the API key persists. I’m seeking assistance to understand why this error might be occurring and how I can effectively resolve it. Your insights and expertise would be greatly appreciated in troubleshooting this situation.”
Its showing error in API integrating Speakaoo TTS API

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@wickjhon0008 - What’s the exact error message? Is it a runtime error in Studio or an error message in the response of the API?

I have getting error that showing invalid API key in response of API.

@wickjhon0008 - Can you share the configuration of the HTTP Request activity where you defined this?

  1. Header must be X-API-KEY: YOUR-API-KEY
  2. Content type must be application/json

Please mask/hide the actual API key when you share.