Even if it shows validation error in selector why it is still running

Hello friends.even if some selectors have validation issues like error is coming,still it runs successfully…why it happens ?

Hi @ydash999
Validation errors in Edit Selector or UiExplorer window doesn’t always mean that your selectors are incorrect.
Suppose a user has created a selector for page X, but is currently on a different page, then UiPath will not be able to validate the selector since it won’t be able to find the element on this new page
Also if someone is using variables in the selector (dynamic selectors), then UiPath can’t resolve this until runtime, and this will throw a validation error as well.

So validation errors doesn’t mean your selectors are incorrect and hence UiPath doesn’t throw a compilation error for the same, and waits until runtime to throw an error in case the selector is actually incorrect


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Thanks You!

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