Evaluation process of Assignment( RPA ADVANCED TRAINING)

" The evaluation of the assignments in the UiPath Academy 2.0 is an automatic process, checking the results of the robot running on your system. The assignment should be submitted after all items are completed by the robot, while NOT resetting the test data until getting the grade. The grade consists on the number of correct items divided by the total number of items. Grading can take a few minutes."

The above given passage is the instruction given in the assignment upload page in Advanced RPA Training course.
I really am confused about the evaluation process of the assignment. Can someone break it down for me.

Also i’ve uploaded my assignment and It’s requesting re submission. The assignment workflow run perfectly in my system. I’ve run the project in every possible way and its all good.
(I’ve uploaded the zip file of the entire frame work folder)

Grading is not solely based on whether or not your project succeeds. It must also match the exact layout defined in the walkthrough. Even correct execution can result in a 0/100 if you do not follow the walkthrough perfectly.

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