Evaluation failed for Calculate client security hash generator assessment


I have completed the Assessment for Client Hash generator but the evaluation is failed with 44/100.

Not understanding what is missed but instructor remarks are like this.


Please can anyone help me what was missed below in the video.

I could be 2 reasons. I would suggest you to cross check both.

  1. Status may not be changed to Completed for all the 9 items. May be for those remaining 4 items.
  2. Hash code is not proper for those remaining 4 items. Make sure it doesn’t have spaces.

Rammohan B.

Hi @Rammohan91,

Thanks for the response very much…
I have completed the course with 100/100 …
Just a Change in the Code was Changing the Get OCR text to Get Full Text and changing some parameters.


On to the Next one will consult you if any.

Mahesh Kumar S.