Escaping Double Quotations


What I want to print is :
“C:\Users\toglo\Desktop\image_test\1.jpg” “C:\Users\toglo\Desktop\image_test\2.jpg” “C:\Users\toglo\Desktop\image_test\3.jpg”

“C:\Users\toglo\Desktop\image_test\1.jpg” is a variable of a loop statement.

So, my approach were …

Assign whatIwantToPrint = whatIwantToPrint + “variable1” + “Variable2” + “Variabl3”
Assign whatIwantToPrint = whatIwantToPrint + “variable1” + “Variable2” + “Variabl3”
Assign whatIwantToPrint = whatIwantToPrint + “”" + variable1+""" + …
Assign whatIwantToPrint = whatIwantToPrint + “‘variable1’” + “‘Variable2’” + “‘Variabl3’”
Assign whatIwantToPrint = whatIwantToPrint + variable1 + Variable2 + Variabl3

  • of no use —>>> pic_files+"/""+item.toString+"""

None of them was useful. What I want is just to 1) double quotation " 2) value in a variable 3) double quotation "

Thank YOU…!

What I actually want to do is to upload multiple image files grouped by the first number 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 / 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4 / 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4. I tried to do this by for each after getting all the files, but it will take forever. Is there a better way to upload multiple images in their same group categorized by their name?
PS: I downloaded first the images from the web and named like that.

Thank you.

Hi @Daun

The double quotation mark output on the UIpath can be entered as “”"" 4double quotation .
Use this to make it.

Hi @Daun,

You can use Chr(34) like this: Chr(34) + variable1 + Chr(34)

Hi @rmunro
What is Chr(34) and how I use it?
When I put Chr(34) + variable1 … the Studio says “Chr(34)” has not been delcared.
Thank you!

Hi, variable has to be as string. You can archive it by using the .ToString method. Like this: variable.ToString

Check this out:

I have never heard of the 4 double quotation.
Is there a list of that kind of similar usages in UiPath?
Or, at least, is there a UiPath document for that contents?

Thank you!

That’s based in the Ascii table. You can use char to represent any character. See this table.

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Hi @Daun

You’ll find out if you try.

That’s how I first did it, but then I found out “Chr (34)” and changed it.

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