Errors while moving code from Community Edition 2019.10.0 Community Edition to Enterprise Edition 2019.4.4

Hi All
I was working on some code in Community Edition ver 2019.10.0 -beta.227.
Recently I have moved it to VDI in Enterprise Edition 2019.4.4 Windows Installer, where I am getting lot of errors.
Either some activities are missing or many other errors are there.
I have installed all the dependent packages, but still the errors are there.

Below are the errors coming:

"1. File ‘Main.xaml’ - variable ‘Database_Connection’: Type ‘ui:DatabaseConnection’ (‘’) could not be resolved and was automatically replaced with ‘UnknownType’
2. File ‘Main.xaml’ - variable ‘dbConnect’: Type ‘ui:DatabaseConnection’ (‘’) could not be resolved and was automatically replaced with ‘UnknownType’
3. Could not find type ‘DatabaseConnect’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 277, Column: 14

  1. Could not find type ‘ExecuteQuery’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 302, Column: 22

  2. Could not find member ‘InitialScalingFactor’ in type ‘’. Row: 550, Column: 109

  3. Could not find type ‘DeserializeXml’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 21022, Column: 18

  4. Could not find type ‘SplitString’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 21334, Column: 24"

Even after I add missing activities manually, these errors are still there.
Kindly please help how to resolve these errors.

Thank You.

Hi @Heena_Saini

These errors are due to the fact that some packages are missing in your new workspace/version.

To resolve this,

  1. please open the project in your community edition
  2. On your left pane, in Projects Tab - Check the dependencies. This will give you a list of packages that the project is using.
  3. Now, go to your new Version, open the project and make sure you install all of those packages you found in your old workspace by following step 2.

This should fix your issue.

Please mark as solution if this resolved your issue.

Happy Automation.


Yes I have installed all the packages, still the errors were coming, so only asked.
All dependencies have been exported, still it it not resolving.
Both have same packages, and the above mentioned errors are coming


As per what i see, UiPath.Database.Activities and Uipath.WebAPI.Activities are the ones causing these errors.

Could you try installing same versions in new environment.

Your old Env has Uipath.WebAPI.Activities : 1.4.2 while new has 1.4.3 . same way for DB.

Please check if this resolves.

UiPath.Database.Activities has same verison in both editions v 1.2.6863.32528
But Uipath.WebAPI.Activities has diff verison 1.4.3 in Community Edition and 1.4.2 in Enterprise, but in Enterprise Edition I can see only 1.4.2, I cannot see 1.4.3 for Uipath.WebAPI.Activities as that might be not be updated there.
So how will I upgrade it now when the updated version is not available.

Hi @Heena_Saini,

I’m into the same issue. Enterprise edition of uipath does not have the latest version of the required package that I used while developing the automation on community edition.
Did you get any solution?

This is not a supported scenario, because community version have a version a lot newer than Enterprise, if this is not a lot of code, you are better off redoing things so you dont risk your project to be failing…

Yes , what you can do is Open manage packages-> Settings → Select Official,
one you click Official, you will see it will give you option to upgrade you package version to latest version, you can do the same and hopefully your problem will be resolved.

Let me know if that helped.