Errors while executing main file in assignment 2(Client hash)

can anyone please help me to find out the solution.
Thing is like The SHAOnline files are executed sucsessfully without any errors individually.But while running main file, those files throws errors!!

Try with the following selector -

<html title='SHA1 online' />

Same error:confused:


Make sure SHA online page is opened. Here, BOT is not finding that screen.

Check you workflow if you are closing the SHA1 Online browser window before triggering the Close Applications.XAML

If you are closing, please remove that activity. Then it works.

Hey @Anju_Sekharan

The point is here the main error is in your initialization Workflow not with any other workflow.

So it is directly going to close state where you have defined to attach and close Chrome browser windows which your bot never opened.


But there is no error showing in initialization workflow

Hey @Anju_Sekharan

I just refereed your Uploaded screenshot and can see there System Error. and might be because of this your transition to close state is happening :slight_smile:

Just Run your workflow in Debug and check :slight_smile: