Errors occurring across all workflows occasionally


I’m running around ~20 flows on a time triggered schedule on a virtual machine for a company.

However we’re running into this issue where occasionally every flow (different activities) would fail at specific points, i.e click actions, send hotkeys or more.

Under usual conditions the flows work perfectly fine but once in a while these errors occur and every flow fails until the VM is restarted.

The time between when these issues appear seem random as the flows are working fine unattended for between 2 weeks to a few hours after restarting the VM.

Exception screenshots show that the pages are loaded correctly however the commands are simply not being sent/timing out one this issue happens. Processes are failing repeatedly through all retry attempts also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hello i am encountering the same issues with some of my flows.

Specially with UI related activities that correspond to Click actions, send Hotkeys, type into, etc.
We also have the issue solved by restarting the VM after a certain amount of time.

Can someone lend a helping hand on this issue?

Hi @jonteo1994 and @BENCS

We have had the same issue but have setup a daily restart using these instructions:
[SOLVED] Shutdown & Restart via task scheduler - Windows 10 - Spiceworks

This has solved most of our problems but not all. Our VMs still require a manual restart from time to time (using Windows Task Manager + CMD) as the VM has a black screen.

Please see my instructions on how to restart a VM with a black screen.
Step 1: Open Task Manager (Ctrl + LShft + Esc)
Step 2: Click file, run new task
Step 3: Click Browse, Run CMD program (C:\Windows\System32) or run “CMD”
Step 4: Click task “Start task with admin privileges”
Step 5: Enter “shutdown /r” and press enter.
Step 6: There should be an on-screen prompt confirming the restart.

Hopefully this helps you or someone else :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply !

We ended up getting to the same conclusion and we are currently developing a small flow that will automatically restart the VM after all processes have finished their executions.

Thanks for confirming our suspicions.