Error "Word Cannot Complete The Save Due To A File Permission Error"

While running word-based automation process, error thrown for "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error" .

Root Cause: The most probable causes for this error are

  • "Read-Only" or "Template" Word document
  • Insufficient permissions over the location where saving attempt is made
  • Attempting to modify a file from a network shared folder
  • Naming conflict
  • Corrupt file
  • Firewall / Anti-virus issues .

Resolution: Sometimes while trying to save a Word file via your automation, an error thrown that states "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error". To resolve this, try the below troubleshooting approach,

  1. Use a Retry Scope activity in the workflow
  2. Try saving the document with a different name than the one being currently used
  3. Try saving the file in a different location and test the outcome
  4. If using a network shared folder, switch to a local directory instead and check if that helps
  5. Test the results using a different file altogether to see if the issue could be arising due to a potential file corruption
  6. If the issue is occurring only for specific users, it could be a permission issue. In such a case, compare the security settings of the working and non-working user for the respective location where the file needs to be saved. (Right click on the Folder -> Properties -> Security -> Select the user from "Group or user name" section -> Check the permissions)
  7. Try disabling the antivirus on the machine and re-run the process.

If none of the above steps helps, reach out to UiPath Support with the following details after having reproduced the error,

  • Studio logs
  • Robot execution logs
  • Application event logs from the Robot / Studio machine .

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