Error with Split String

Hi there. I’m having an error with my split String. The output shows system.string. Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.

@vini93 What do you want to Output?

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The output of split string is an array.Try giving an index and then print it in message box.

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I tried using split but it prints (sys)


I wanted a sentence which is in middle of a paragraph. Therefore I used 2 splits. When I use index for my first split its fine. but when I use index for my 2nd split it outputs (SYS)

try this split(fullpdftext,":")
and then print @vini93

just try this moviename(0) instead of new moviename(0)

But I need to split twice.

[Movie Name]: The dark knight
Completed this

I need the output to be just “The dark knight”. I have to remove everything before and after it.

“[Movie Name]:” and "completed this " are they constant

can you share one sample input string and expected output string? @vini93

@vini93 Try this
str= StrValue.Split(":".ToCharArray)(1).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)

Got it. Thank you. Could you also help with how to do I click on only first 2 search results in you tube?