Error with selector on Firefox

Hi all.

I have small issue when use selector on Firefox.

It not normal and I could not selected anything.

On old PC, I can used normally selector on Firefox, but on new PC I could not.

I have installed firefox extension and I don’t know which package or setting need to change now.

What is error ? and how to fix this ?

Thanks you so much!


After installing Firefox extension, Try to restart browser and UIPath studio once and see.

Is extension was successfully added to browser or not ?

Hi @lakshman

I have restarted Firefox & UiPath after install extension…but still could not used selector.

Anyone can help me?

I think must be change something in registry but I don’t know how to change!

Thank in advance!

@trunghai Un install the Mozilla browser extension and install again

Hi @indra

Thanks you !

I have remove Firefox x64 and then install FF x32 and now it okay ^^.

1.use the profile manager wizard.
2. manually delete the profiles.ini files.