Error with read range


I encounter error read range, the specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

My workflow is:

  1. Retrieve email attachments from outlook
  2. Save attachments to folder path using path.combine as the attachments are being renamed according to email subject
  3. Read each excel file and write the data to master spreadsheet

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@Popo Can you post what error you are facing.

no worries
kindly share this a sample expression like how the folder path was mentioned
and may i know at which activity this error occured
and if its read range make sure that the file moved is excel based file and try to use the read range within excel application scope and try once
Cheers @Popo

the error is at read range.

Hi @Popo - Check the variables has values that you have passed to Read Range using Combine? Also what is the error message that read range has thrown?


yes, the variables have been checked.

I think, as per the error the issue with the server where BOT is unable read the file. May be access issue or shared file.


@Popo In move file activity the destination path is invalid i guess manually check this path is working or not.

I managed to move the files to the folder that I wanted. the error is at read range. so I’m wondering is it I can’t use path.combine in read range activity

Print that read range input path variable name and check whether you are getting the path as expected. Copy that input path variable output and check manually you are able to access the path as you received in the output.


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I’m getting the path that I expected.

very weird it fails at read range

Since you are getting the expected path, the issue might be in accessing the file. Are you storing the file to a shared network?

yes, is a shared network

If it is shared network means, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Click start->run then type services.msc . Restart server services.
  2. Try accessing the Windows shared folder again from the target machine.
  3. Restart PC if problem still exists.

If the above solution doesn’t work means, then you have to move the file to folder which is not shared.